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At Blacklight Agency, our team builds and executes campaign strategies where influencers produce and share branded content to their audience. Our goal is to cultivate organic relationships with influencers who align with your brand image, to maximize social media reach. 

One In a Million
Our featured influencers are hand picked, and go through various segments to determine if they align with the companies brand image . We analyze the followers of our influencers, ensuring their audiences correspond with your target market as closely as possible.
Seeding Across All Social Channels
We utilize each social platform (Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn,, etc.) and strategically plan campaigns based on the channel's audience. Each platform allows a distinctive form of communication and is able to reach your audience with a precise approach. 
Applying Micro-Influencers to Media Marketing
Along with influencers who how have followers in the millions, our team understands the importance of integrating micro-influencers. These individuals may have a smaller audience, but their return is extremely valuable. We incorporate hundreds of influencers and monitor the results to ensure we have a impeccable match.
Results Driven
By implementing influencers into your media campaigns, the numbers are astonishing across the boards. With extensive analytic reporting we can determine the exact results from seeding. Influencers are an essential segment in social media marketing, and our goal is to cultivate organic relationships with influencers who align with your target.