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There are three key services that our agency offers to help your business grow: 

Campaign Dollars and Ad Spend:

Digital advertising is one of the most effective and cost efficient forms of marketing. Your dollar can go a long way, and results are immediate. Putting the right person in charge of ad spend and campaigns is crucial to maximize profits off of every marketing dollar.

Target Market & Demographics:

What makes digital marketing so powerful is all the data stored for each individual. This data allows us to narrow in and find your exact target customer based on:

  • Activate pinpointed advertisements to individuals based on their interests. Our ads are targeted specifically to gender, age, income, interests, locations, and so much more. 
  • Our ads can also reach to your current email subscribers to keep them thinking about your company. We are able to re-target previous leads, connect with current customers, and gain new referrals. 
  • Retarget website visitors, recent clicks, and abandoned carts. On average only 2% of visitors convert on their first visit to your site. Our goal is to use ads and retargeting to increase conversation.

Fast Turnover with Ads:

With media advertising, results become immediate since you can reach people instantly. This means an increase in sales, followers, and website traffic- all within seconds of running your ads. The higher the ad spend, the more people we can reach. By reaching more people you bring awareness, traffic, and sales.

Campaign & Ad Services Process

Social Media Management

We have a team of talented and dedicated social media mangers ready to work with your company. Based on brand image, company goals, and tone of voice, we will assign the right social manager for you. Our social media managers have extensive experience with advertising and will help keep spending low and results high. Your social media manager will be available at all times to discuss and report on all things social. 

Campaign & Ad Spend Strategy

Our team will conduct a series of brand audits and research to develop a finely crafted social approach. Research is gathered through competitive analysis, customer experience, and past analytics to create a strategy that correlates with the companies needs. Our social media team will produce funnels and campaign strategies that will lead your company's goals.

Engaging Content & Advertisements

Our team of graphic know what the people want to see. With years of experience under their belt, they will create advertisements that your audience will want to click. Our specialist handle it all- copywriting, subject lines, and original content for each campaign.

Monitoring & Optimization

With developed analytic software we will be able to quickly identify which ads are preforming the best. Our specialist track each ad daily, and make adjustments as needed. If we notices results declining, our team will be quick to launch new ads to keep the results coming in.

Reporting & Analytics

Weekly and monthly reporting will be done by your social media manager to show progress along each campaign. Your company will also be provided with reporting software that can be accessed at any time.